Vlog Talk

Category: Innovation (small and large newsrooms)

Country/area: Philippines

Organisation: Palawan Daily News

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 12 Mar 2019

Credit: Joel Contrivida

Project description:

Social media is something we cannot avoid in this kind of time, anybody can be a journalist, can be a reporter, no need to have a degree or seminar to deliver news, being a Digital content consultant of Palawan Daily News, we aim to gather and unify all the content creators in Palawan, to have a harmonious relationship and of course help each other in sharing knowledge and ideas, collaborate and produce inspiring content. Vlog Talk is a the first seminar we organize for free, to all those who want to learn the basic in creating digital content, at the

Impact reached:

It did build a strong connection to all the content creators in our province, we give them a platform and equipt them with skills on how to start in Vlogging, making them a responsible storytellers that create impact to the community. The Online community was formed after the event, as of this writing we have 70 people that are active in content creation and inspire them to be good in all the content they post online. 

Techniques/technologies used:

Basic techniques we use is sharing the knowledge, in a schoolroom type discussion the selected speakers discuss and educate the participants mostly from young generations, on how they will choose their brand, their skills, and talent, and inspire more people in creating a positive impact to our society. 

What was the hardest part of this project?

Uniting the social media creators with the mainstream media is not easy, the traditional media peers in our locality didn’t welcome the idea, they didn’t support us in this project, but as a news publication both print and online, we believe in the new generation as our future, maybe not directly as a news writers, but a good storytellers that can create impact and positive vibes in the community. 

Maybe we are doing some innovative approach in educating the young mind about the future of media in our province, a time that you don’t need a degree but the training we provide is all that they need. The financial aspect is next in the hardest part, as a new player in the news industry in the City, we don’t have many funds to this kind of event, we aim to make it free to the public that we have to shoulder some expenses from the venue to the snacks provided, and some prayers for some speakers to offer a free service, in which they did that make this knowledge sharing seminar a success. 

What can others learn from this project?

The seminars aim to educate the almost 30 participants on how to create content, that is inspiring and can gain followers, we give them technical knowledge in video shooting and production, making them realize what is the best brand you can do in posting your videos online, and connect them to other community of content creators in the country today. 

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