Visualising the FIFA Arab Cup 2021

Country/area: Qatar

Organisation: Al Jazeera

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 25/11/2021

Credit: Produced by Mohammed Hussein, Sebastien Billard-Arbelaez, Mohammed Haddad and Showkat Shafi for @AJLabs

Biography: AJLabs is Al Jazeera’s data and interactive storytelling unit.

Project description:

Twenty-three countries, 64 years and nearly 2,000 matches. Visualising the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 presents here’s how the Arab World plays football.

Impact reached:

The data visualisation provides a unique exploratory view into football in the Arab world.

Techniques/technologies used:

R for Data analysis.
D3 for data visualisation.

What was the hardest part of this project?

Transforming sports data from the Middle East into an engaging and visually compelling output.

What can others learn from this project?

Users really enjoy data exploration especially when dealing with their favourite football team.

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