Visualising the Afghan war series by AJLabs

Country/area: Qatar

Organisation: Al Jazeera

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Cover letter:

Visualising the Afghan war series by AJLabs is a ten-part data-led series that contextualises various human aspects of the war in Afghanistan.

From quantifying the human cost of war to visualising violence against women and children, this series, published over the course of two months, provides a visual account of the impact of the Afghan war.

Description of portfolio:

Visualising the Afghan war series by AJLabs consists of ten stories each focusing on a unique aspect of the Afghanistan war. Working with local journalists and international groups, the stories visualise the following aspects of the war in Afghanistan:

1. Afghanistan – Visualising the impact of 20 years of war
Contains 8 graphics that contextualises what 20 years of war has done to the Afghan people. – 19 Aug 2021

2. ‘They left us so help­less’: Afghans seek­ing refuge in Pak­istan
As thou­sands of Afghans cross into Pak­istan, flee­ing the Tal­iban, we tell some of their sto­ries. – 2 Sep 2021

3. Infographic: Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis
One in three Afghans is going hungry and more than half a million people have been displaced by conflict since January. – 30 Aug 2021

4. Infographic: How many people evacuated from Afghanistan so far?
A week after the Taliban takeover, at least 28,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan, but tens of thousands more are still waiting. – 22 Aug 2021

5. Infographic: Tracking the flights out of Kabul
Air travel in Afghanistan is now limited to military aircraft evacuating foreigners and some Afghan nationals. – 17 Aug 2021

6. Afghanistan: Mapping the advance of the Taliban
An animated map showing how and when the Taliban captured 26 out of the country’s 34 provincial capitals in just 10 days. – 15 Aug 2021

7. 10 maps to understand Afghanistan
Al Jazeera visualises Afghanistan – a mostly mountainous country of 38 million people – which has suffered decades of war. – 12 Aug 2021

8. Infographic: Who controls what in Afghanistan
Taliban launched a sweeping offensive across Afghanistan in early May as US-led foreign forces began final withdrawal. – 11 Aug 2021

9. Mapping Afghanistan’s untapped natural resources
Afghanistan is believed to hold more than $1 trillion worth of mineral resources and metals but faces many challenges in tapping them. – 24 Sep 2021

10. Transcript: US completes Afghanistan withdrawal
General Frank McKenzie put the nearly 20 years of war in Afghanistan into numbers at a Pentagon news briefing. – 31 Aug 2021

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