UNESCO Monuments: How Does Kyrgyzstan Protect the Cultural Heritage?

Country/area: Kyrgyzstan

Organisation: CabarAsia

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 11/11/2021

Credit: Author: Saltanat Kudaiberdieva, Editing and layout: Natalia Lee


Hello, everyone! My name is Saltanat. I’m a journalist, author, producer, TV presenter, data analyst, videographer, SMM. I have been working in television for more than 10 years. I keep blogs on social networks and YouTube channels dedicated to the topics of economics, finance, business, tourism, the history of the sights of Kyrgyzstan. In my free time I like to travel, go out into nature and walk in the fresh air with friends. 


Project description:

Cultural tourism has great potential in Kyrgyzstan, experts say, but the state does not want to develop it and invest money into this trend. There are two historical and cultural sites of the UNESCO heritage in the country. One of them is Mountain Sulaiman Too in Osh, and the second one are the objects of the Silk Road – Burana, Ak-Beshim and Krasnaya Rechka in Chui district. The first one is maintained and its location in the city facilitates access of tourists, and the second one is much harder to maintain.the material is devoted to how the funds allocated for

Impact reached:

 Residents of the country learned about the existence of these attractions and about their history. The Japanese government, represented by JICA, expressed its readiness to help restore one of the three settlements on the Great Silk Road

Techniques/technologies used:

 I analyzed the data that I received from various sources, using Excel spreadsheets, interviewed all interested parties, traveled to all three settlements. 

What was the hardest part of this project?

 The most difficult thing was to get the data we were interested in and interviews to clarify it, we had to wait several days for a response to our official request from representatives of relevant authorities. As a result, the answers were incomplete.

What can others learn from this project?

 The opportunity to study a new format for presenting text information on the Internet - longread. Multimedia stories tend to have a high degree of user engagement, as these formats take time and effort to immerse and learn. Longreads arouse curiosity, make a person thoughtfully read the entire text, without gaps. Longreads, combining different types of information, imply a detailed immersion in the topic and thus stand out from other online products.

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