Entry type: Single project

Country/area: Uganda

Publishing organisation: Agency Technology Business Solutions

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 2022-03-01

Language: English

Authors: Mukama Gilbert
Tumwebaze Hillary


Hillary is football expert who wants to tranform the game administrativey in the country
Gilbert is the business administrator at Agency Technology Business Solutions
Benard Wasswa helped with the programming side of the efforts

Project description:

We organise Uganda’s football data so that various stakeholders can have access to data when needed and use it to make useful decisions about various activities and for planning

Impact reached:

Football journalists in Uganda now have access to more Ugandan football data.
Specifically, its easier to have statsitics about a competition, journalists dont have to keep data on their own and most of them are not experts anyways. This makes their lives easier.
Statistics are automatically calculated per competition. All needed is data.
Theres plan to apply more techniques.

Techniques/technologies used:

Data storage, whenever data is entered – MySQL Database
Data entry, data display – HTML Interfaces (Forms, Tables And Text)
Data manipulation – Php Scripting, MySQL Querying
Interface formatting for mobile friendly display – Bootstrap 3

Context about the project:

Political landscape:- No issues
Resource constraints:- Data entrants and data sourcing
Legal threats: None so far
Access to data: Via social media but would prefer official channels
Innovative technologies: Very welcome. We do need some more advance tech but we decided to start with what we know anyways

What can other journalists learn from this project?

That data itself can tell a story. That data is the foundation of a great story. Often the public is overloaded with a lot of opinion backed by little or no data, which leads to biased reporting. The is project helps remove the bias if journalists use it.

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