​​The threat of african swine fever in Taiwan:first 1000 days

Country/area: Taiwan

Organisation: READr

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 25/09/2021

Credit: Chen Pei-Yu, Lee Yu-Ju, Tseng Lee-Yu, Wu Man-Ru, Chen Wen-Yen, Syu Siang-Yun, Chien Hsin-chan, Hun Shih-Chen, Weng Rui-Kun, Lai Yi-Yin, Su Li-Kun, Wen Kai-Chieh


READr is not just a data newsroom, it is also a digital innovation team. The development of information news in Taiwan media is still not perfect at present. Although the READr is only a small information newsroom, we still try hard to have an indicative impact on the development of data journalism in Taiwan.


We always hope to make breakthroughs in every topic.Without the framework of traditional thinking, the team can make the report more creative and also keep the news professional by presenting stories in a true and complete way.

Project description:

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly lethal, viral disease of swine.It has spread in parts of Asia, Africa and Europe,and cause a lot of damage in pork industry.Taiwan domestic pork market rely on its own pigs,up to 90%.We can’t take any risks for losing this important industry.


The project uses timelines and maps to highlight what risks does Taiwan face,including pig carcass from neighboring countries, and smuggled meat products at airports and harbors,even domestic market.Under these threat ,Taiwan how to fight against ASF,it might be a great model for other countries which suffering ASF.

Impact reached:

The project shows the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) nightmire 24 years ago in Taiwan.It crashed domestic pork industry and also let us lose pork export market.we spend many years to rebuild our pork industry.By reviewing this rebuild progress,the project highlights damage of ASF if domestic pigs infect ASF.we hope that this project can unite Taiwanese to defend ASF for protecting our pork industry.

Techniques/technologies used:

This project is based on Nuxt.js, a scrolling-video package released by TwReporter. We use Google Sheets to arrange flash news data, and fetch data through Google Sheets API. And through the scrolling-video package, users can understand how African Swine Fever spreads internationally and how Taiwan defends the epidemic.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The most difficult part is to condense accident details includinding pig carcass from neighboring countries at different day and place, smuggled meat in different counties,and also how to visualize this information.By using timelines and maps,reader know ASF infection region and the significance of preventing ASF infection.

What can others learn from this project?

The project use timelines and map to explain ASF epidemic situation in the world and how Taiwan fight against the disease.By this way,reader can get the point quickly and understand the significance of preventing ASF infection.

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