The story of the 12,376 bee that grew up between solar panels

Country/area: Spain

Organisation: Vocento

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 25/3/2021

Credit: Prado Campos y José M. Sánchez (coordinadores), Alessandro Marra (Dirección de Arte y Diseño), Pedro Jiménez (Infografía) y Saul Fernández (Desarrollo y maquetación)

Biography: Proyecto coordinado por:

Prado Campos

José M. Sánchez

Dirección de Arte y Diseño UI:

Alessandro Marra


Pedro Jiménez

Desarrollo y maquetación:

Saúl Fernández

©Contentfactory – cmvocento

Project description:

Solar energy and agriculture united to generate a shared value with the community that allows recovering the agricultural use of the land used in the construction of solar plants, favoring the sustainable development of local communities

Impact reached:

Published in all the headers of the Vocento group (Spain), both national and ABC, as well as regional

Techniques/technologies used:

Own computer development carried out by the company’s team of programmers dedicated to this project. To generate the animations of the different graphic elements, several of the images that accompany the reader through the news are animated gifs, while others are static.
It has a horizontal scroll to be able to represent the length of the agrivoltaic fields and accompany the reader to discover it while scrolling vertically.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The scrolling function of the illustrations that move at different speeds while the horizontal scroll advances is a great programming difficulty. Like the representation of the illustration and the elements that appear in it, they also require a great impact to generate the reader’s interest in the subject and continue reading. Therefore, the friendly way of representing the data and the usability are outstanding elements.

What can others learn from this project?

different ideas of representation of stories, animations, navigability and design

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