The most important charts on the coronavirus in Switzerland

Country/area: Switzerland

Organisation: NZZ

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 25 Feb 2020

Credit: The entire NZZ Visuals team

Project description:

Since March 2020, a small graphic overview has evolved into a constantly changing piece that summarises the most important developments of the Coronavirus pandemic and presents them in graphics. Automated data preparation is combined with journalistic judgement on the figures. The modular structure has allowed us to react to new developments and change the focus.

Impact reached:

see https://medium.com/nzz-open/how-we-accidentally-wrote-our-most-popular-story-yet-and-what-we-learned-in-the-process-7cbf13ff3b20

Techniques/technologies used:

Mainly, we used R for gathering, formatting and analyzing data, our own Q-Toolbox (https://q.tools), Vega and Illustrator for visualisation. See: https://medium.com/nzz-open/how-we-accidentally-wrote-our-most-popular-story-yet-and-what-we-learned-in-the-process-7cbf13ff3b20

What was the hardest part of this project?

This project required us to create an R script that continuously evolved, to integrate new developments and data sources and to continuously think about how to give readers insight into how accurate these figures were and where the pitfalls of them might be burries. It also required judgement on presentation, what not to show, which caveats to highlight etc.

What can others learn from this project?

see what we learned: https://medium.com/nzz-open/how-we-accidentally-wrote-our-most-popular-story-yet-and-what-we-learned-in-the-process-7cbf13ff3b20

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