Teknolojiden Bi Haber

Country/area: Turkey

Organisation: İstanbul İşletme Enstitüsü, Teknolojiden Bi Haber

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:


Our name can be translated as ”Unaware Of Technology”. We chose this name bacause of a tradional Turkish expession. Our slogan is ” Do’nt be unaware of technology!” and we  produce only technology news with data journalism. Unaware Of Technology is a unique project. Education news site is the first of its kind operating in the practical field of data journalism in Turkey. Istanbul Internet(Data)  Journalism course at the İstanbul Business Institute opened the application platform as set out Technology News from BI projects, qualified journalists in Turkey in the field of data journalism has a mission to educate himself. Today the entire world of data is making active journalism unfortunately, it is not even in its infancy in Turkey. İstanbul Business Institute has a great mission in education: equality of opportunity in education! That’s the answer of why and how İstanbul Business Institute is the mentor of this project. Institute continues to make a big difference in the goal of equal opportunity in education, having taught many courses with a completely free education status to more than 2 million students so far. As the only practical projects of data journalism course in Turkey, we will continue to contribute to the world of data journalism. You can access the relevant website address of the mentor and more detailed information from the link https://www.iienstitu.com/enstitu-hakkinda. You can access the information of the course, which is given under the roof of the mentor and is a part of the project, at the link https://www.iienstitu.com/online-egitim/internet-haberciligi.

Description of portfolio:

Our Focus

www.teknolojidenbihaber.com Teknolojidenbihaber.com aims to contribute big data, open data, data journalism, data analysis, data visualization and data editing issues in Turkey and aims to contribute to develop issues in the world of data literacy.

Our Working Principle

Those who want to contribute to the Technology Bi Haber project from outside or take an active role in the activities carried out within the scope of this study should actively participate in the Internet Journalism – Data Journalism course given under the Istanbul Business Institute. Students who successfully complete the course are entitled to receive the Internet Journalism certificate. Certificate holders are positioned as candidate data journalists within the project, after the evaluation by the editorial board. During the nomination process, people produce their news on the platform. Data news read by professional editors are transformed into publication ready. Thus, students have the opportunity to evaluate the differences between the data report they write and the news published. Gains experience in the field of data journalism.

Our goal

Data journalism has also become more popular with the ease of access to data thanks to technological developments. Teknolojidenbihaber will ensure that all developments related to data journalism, which is defined as the adventure of turning data into news by bringing data and journalism together, will be closely monitored. To provide data journalism candidates with both opening up a business area and gaining experience in this field. One of our ultimate goal is to bring  a one of the worldwide Data Journalism Awards as Teknoloidenbihaber.com for our country on behalf of Turkey.

Apart from the people listed in this list, 145 registered students are taking the relevant course. The news they produce are published on Teknolojidenbihaber.com applied data journalism platform after the necessary interventions are made. You can enter the courses with the links and passwords below. You can use the links below for free to review the background of the project.


User: Sigma

Password: PSZ1tFOsiY2!qciZ3V6pUf!9

Project Information

Project Mentor; Istanbul Business Institute

Project Owner (Founder): Dr. Sertaç Dalgalıdere

Deputy Editor: Bilal Şentürk

Managing Editors: Yasin Kılıç, Serhat Dalgalıdere

Data Editors (Correspondent): Ester Erkiner, Arkın Algül, Hilale Rümeysa Aşar, İbrahim Keskin, Birsen Akyüz, Vedat Çolak, Bürge Karaaslan, Murat Sandıkçı, Muammer Karakaya, Şerife Nur Çalık, Tuba Tokat, Begüm Bayyar, Irmak Cankul

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