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Entry type: Portfolio

Country/area: Nigeria

Publishing organisation: • TechCabal — https://techcabal.com/

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

TechCabal Insights is a Nigeria-based and Africa-focused media platform, digital economy consultancy and analytics organization with a team of 10 young talents who are strategy consultants, data analysts, data journalists, product designers, writers and researchers with an average age of 25 and 3-10 years of experience working together on data and research projects. Our core focus is on providing actionable data and reports on startups and the tech ecosystem across Africa to investors, entrepreneurs, big tech companies, regulators and audiences on and off the continent to answer specific questions and implement key interventions.

The organization serves as the research, intelligence and data journalism unit of TechCabal, a future-focused and continent-wide publication that speaks to Pan-African innovation and technology in depth and captures the players, human impact and business of technology on the continent. With over five years of industry experience, TechCabal Insights (TC Insights) provides concrete data, research and reports on startups and the tech ecosystem across Africa to investors, entrepreneurs, big tech companies and regulators to help the world understand where tech is taking Africa. We close the data analysis gap and make the best use of data for storytelling for the technology industry for Nigeria and Africa at large to drive journalism, social impact and government policy.

In our portfolio of high-impact and notable projects, we have used advanced techniques, statistical tools, research strategies and compiled datasets as best practices to author and publish in English 100+ human-angle data-driven stories about underreported tech issues beyond the stats; and 15+ industry reports including one about Nigeria’s fintech future and two major reports about the State of Health Tech in Nigeria and the Future of Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2022, we also collaborated to curate and publish a report about Nigerian Women in Tech and also recently started a quarterly data report about the State of Tech in Africa (SOTIA). Our data and reports are always presented in easy-to-digest contents and visually appealing formats.
With solid experience using research, data analysis, coding skills, data visualization tools and data analytics softwares such as Power BI and Tableau, TechCabal Insights advances data journalism in Nigeria and Africa through reports, standalone infographics, charts, custom research materials and data stories to examine tech issues in Africa and startups addressing them. We conduct surveys to understand how professionals and enthusiasts interested in Africa’s tech sector currently access funding information. The results of the surveys teach us insights on how we can provide our audiences with timely data about the African start-up ecosystem and tech investments.

We should be considered for the 2023 Sigma Awards for Data Journalism to validate, recognize, amplify and scale our innovative, important and niche-based data journalism works, data-driven projects and new technologies used to help investors, governments, other stakeholders and the start-up ecosystem find the analyzed data, research, insights and practical solutions they need about the technology, digital economy and innovation in Africa. This will also advance our social impact work in telling critical stories that help 20+ development agencies and 10+ state governments in Nigeria to develop and deliver programmes to support the technology in Africa and implement solutions to skill up citizens to participate in the digital economy. This award will also let us inspire the rise of more data journalists in Africa as we share our data visualization techniques, tech tools, research ideas and statistical methods.

Description of portfolio:

At TechCabal Insights, we are obsessed with numbers and we believe it’s best for stakeholders and people in the African tech ecosystem to leverage data to make decisions. Our portfolio of projects and stories reach over 100,000 to get data and draw unique insights whenever needed about technology and innovation on the continent. These stories and reports offer policy analysis and tech advisory from a data standpoint to decision-makers in the Nigerian public, private, civil society and development sectors.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Presentation Creators: (Powerpoint, Google Slides)
Google Docs
Adobe Illustrator
Power BI/Tableau
Google Spreadsheet/Microsoft Excel

Here is a portfolio of data journalism projects created by TechCabal Insights:

1. Data Newsletter

Our flagship 2-min weekly newsletters, In A Giffy and TC Daily column, use charts to tell short data stories with straight-to-the-point analysis and compelling visuals to help our audiences understand and make sense of Africa’s digital economy. The newsletter project particularly provides data-driven insights to help startup founders and senior executives run their organizations and make important business decisions.

Our 5000+ subscribers look forward to reading juicy insights, drawn from technology data in trends, events and reports, in the newsletter every Tuesday. Here is the link our readers use to subscribe to the newsletter: https://techcabal.com/in-a-giffy-newsletter-by-techcabal-insights/

2. The State Of Tech In Africa (Quarter 3, 2022 Report)

This data report is a bird’s eye view of technology trends in Africa for Q3 2022. It captured data around acquisitions, funding, startup expansion and regulations on the African continent. We spoke with stakeholders in the tech ecosystem to put the data into proper perspective, effectively turning them into actionable insights that tech workers can make use of, capturing rich insights and stakeholder perspective.

3. The State Of Tech In Africa (Quarter 2, 2022 Report)

This data report highlighted Africa’s impressive fundraise of over $1.5 billion in venture capital funding, representing about 100% increase from the $730 million raised in Q1 2021.

By the end of H2 2022, African startups had raised over $2.7 billion in VC funding, which is slightly higher than 50% of the $5.2 billion total funding raised in 2021. So while the world was biting hard from the crash, Africa kept welcoming capital. But just how long will this go on? This data report covered key insights on Africa’s fundraising parade, as well as major acquisitions, expansions, and all of the exciting products launched in the Q2 2022.

4. State Of Tech In Africa (Quarter 1, 2022 Report)

Africa’s tech ecosystem is growing so fast that it’s becoming almost impossible to stay up to date on all that’s happening. The State of Tech Report brings all happenings and trends together so you can stay up to date. In the report, we did an analysis of Africa’s funding data for the first quarter of the year. We also highlighted all the important acquisition deals, new government policies across the continent, and all the cool new products launched last quarter.

5. How Investors Are Betting On Africa’s Early-Stage Startups

In this data report done in collaboration with development partners, Future Africa and The Baobab Network, TechCabal Insights takes a deep-dive into the early-stage investment landscape in Africa, exploring 5 years of early-stage funding data.

We know our works make impact with the feedback we get from our audiences who read and share our data stories and reports across the tech industry and in the public, private and development sectors.

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