Sumaira Ashraf Rajput

Country/area: Pakistan

Organisation: Deutsche Welle

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Sumeira Ashraf Rajput

If I’m in a conference room and the video isn’t working, I’m not the sort to simply call IT and wait. I’ll also (gracefully) crawl under the table and check that everything is properly plugged in. I am a self-motivated professional with 8 years of experience in broadcast media. I am contributing video reports on gender discrimination, human rights, women empowerment, migration, environmental issues and youth empowerment on DW Germany. 


Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:


Strategising and writing effective, stimulating copy for radio, print, online, and television while fact-checking all sources and evaluating audience feedback to ensure optimal listener/viewer experiences. Maintaining a first-rate level of knowledge and expertise in news topics, current events, and cultural/global affairs.Travelling on assignment to both domestic and international locations and performinginterviews with individuals from a wide array of cultures and backgrounds to develop and propel story ideas.Excelling in fast-paced, deadline-driven, and independent environments.With my proven experience in spearheading the composition and delivery of news andinformation—along with my tireless devotion to encouraging public involvement in cultural and political issues—I am positioned to significantly contribute to your organisation. 


I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications further.


Thank you for your consideration.


Twitter @sumaira_rajput

Instagram @sumaira_Rajput_official

Email sumairaashraf723@gmail.com 

Description of portfolio:

I have produced video series on the issues women face in Gilgit Baltistan the area from where CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (CPEC) started. The area is still in poverty women work from dawn to dusk along with the men. 

The first project portrait how women work there as Carpenters. The project described their courage instead of facing many hardships and low wage rates. 

The second project is based on Hunza’s music school where females are learning the art of traditional music side by side with males. These girls are no less than anyone and through learning music, the community is preserving the traditional music.

The third project described that how the people of Gulmit constructed the first longest men made stairs in Pakistan. Their motive is to bring tourism to their lands through which they will earn a livelihood for their families. This project made a record of being the first longest stairs of Pakistan.

The fourth one is an article under the category of data journalism. The article describes the tabbo of Pakistani society ‘marital rape’. Also describes how women are being treated as prisoners and how they have been the victim of marital rape. this article, also discusses what the law of Pakistan says about marital rape. 

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