Sema Kahriman Gökçe

Category: Young journalist

Country/area: Turkey

Organisation: Medyascope.tv

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

As a student at the Üsküdar University in Istanbul I’ve got data journalism lessons from Pınar Dağ. Since then I am very interested in data journalism. Through my teachers reference I joined the Data Literacy Association (DLA) Turkey (VOYD). I tried to visualize data weekly for VOYD.

After studying I started at Medyascope TV where I found the chance to practice data journalism. As a young data journalist I started to visualize data for news. I use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign for infografics and DataWrapper, Flourish, Tableau Public, Google Sheets for data visualisation. 

Description of portfolio:

Here you can see the forest fires in 2019 in Turkey. The first map shows the actual situation of forest fires in Turkey. At the second map you can see the cities with the most forest fires. At the line chart you can see cities with the most forest fires at 2018. At the bar chart you can see the causes for forest fires. Most of the hectar burned cause of unknown perpetrator, the second most cause is neglect, accident, intent and at least natural causes. At the last chart you can see the forest types which burned mostly. Most grove burned, least national parks. 

Here you can see the “hostility map” of Turkey. I used to visualize the data here with a infografic. On the left of the infografic you can see the data for woman and right for men. The hostility score for woman is 8,94 and for men 9,08. This means men are more angry than woman. The scala is from 0-28. All scores higher than 7 are problematic. 

Here you can see the death toll cause of car accidents in Turkey. At the infografic you can see the causes for accidents. Most driver defect, least road defect. At the line chart you can see the death and incident toll from 2009-2019. The data of 2019 are not complete thats why I put (+/-) sign at the footer. Black is the total, red is death and orange is incident. The map shows you the cities in which the most accidents happened. 

Here you see that the 70,4 percent of the people in Turkey are debtors. At the infografic you see on the middle “households” at the left are the 11,5% for those the housing costs are too high, at the right the 70,4% debtors and at the bottom the 58,3% who can’t afford vacation. At the chart you can see the GINI coefficient and P20/P80 2002-2018 in Turkey. 

Here you see the media investment at the first 6 months of 2019. In compare with the media investments at the first six months of 2018 you see that there is a decrease in the media investment (2018: 2239, 2019: 2083). At the second chart you see the media investmens at the first six months of 2019 divided into platforms such as television, press, radio, cinema, digital. You see that television got the biggest part of media investments. Digital follows cinema. At the third chart you see the comparison betwwen the first  six month of 2018 and 2019. Here you see that the investments in television decreased. The biggest decrease happend for press investments. You also see that the investments for cinema and digital increased. 

Here you see how many disabled persons participate in work. You also see how many places in Turkey are suitable for disabled people. The quota for disabled employees at the ministry of education is 27.978, ministry of religious affairs 3.254, ministry of justice 3.041, general directorate of security 435 and ministry of foreign affairs 101. At the second line of the table you see how many disabled employees are working at these ministries. At the second chart you see how many places are suitable for disabled people. 

Here I visualized the goverments appointing trustees to the municipalites won by the HDP (Kurdish party). I updated this map for every new appointments of the government. 

Here I visualized the attacked journalists in Turkey.  At this infografic you see the names, the worklplace and the crime scenes. 

Here I created a map which shows the protests all around the world, the period and the causes. 

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