Saja Mortada

Category: Young journalist

Country/area: Lebanon

Organisation: Arij, Raseef22, Al-Mayadeen website

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Dear all,

I am just a young journalist, who is trying to learn and improve my skills in “Data journalism” in a country where its universities don’t teach data journalism and its media companies don’t care about it or even try to invest in it.

I am trying to spread this important kind of journalism in my country. I succeed in convincing the website where i work to have a “data journalism” section and I always try to help my colleagues in this field.

I am working on myself to become one day a “data journalism” specialist, because i truly believe in the importance of this field especially in the Arab world, where the authorities always try to hide information and to prevent journalists from doing their job.

even if I don’t win this award, I wish at least you will like and appreciate my job and my effort

Thank you

Description of portfolio:

Saja Mortada (26 years old), is a Lebanese journalist with a master’s degrees in Media from “Antonine” University in Lebanon and the “University of Toulon” in France. She is currently an editor at the media network Al-Mayadeen. Having trained with “ARIJ”, Saja carried out two investigative reports on human rights issues in her country, published in collaboration with both ARIJ and Raseef22. She previously worked with Black and White for Media Production and the newspaper, Assafir. In recent years, Saja has developed her skills in new media, data journalism, mobile journalism and digital storytelling.

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