Safia Mahdi

Country/area: Yemen

Organisation: DW Arabic, ARIJ Network

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

I am a Yemeni journalist, I have been working in the press since 2016, and also a collaborating reporter with DW Arabic in Yemen, since January 2018.
More than two years ago, data journalism became what attracted me the most, I got a diploma in data journalism from ARIJ Network (2020) + a diploma in data journalism from Deutsche Welle Academy.
I have worked on several data driven reports and investigations, and I believe my work is worthy of recognition, to motivate me to do more work with data journalism.

Description of portfolio:

will present on two topics from published reports supported by data:

Restrictions on fishermen in Yemen
First, for months, I have been working on a data-driven investigation into the situation of fishermen in Yemen, and the effects of restrictions preventing them from accessing some fishing areas in eastern Yemen.
Yemen has a long coastal strip (more than 2000 km), and more than 120 thousand people work in fishing, representing the source of livelihood for their families.
Fisheries in Yemen have been affected by the war and division, and the damage has been exacerbated by these restrictions, which the investigation deals with, was published in the Arab network ARIJ + DW, and dozens of media outlets and websites.

Second: Education in Yemen
In light of the countless damage to education in Yemen, I worked on preparing a data-driven journalistic investigation about charging additional fees for children in schools, while addressing data related to humanitarian aid provided to Yemen. The report includes important information and data, about the situation of education in general, and about the nature of external support provided to finance education projects through international organizations operating in the country.

I think that the situation in Yemen makes it very important to honor one of these topics, given the difficult conditions in which journalists work.

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