Sabry Nageh

Country/area: Egypt

Organisation: Asharq Al-Awsat Newspaper

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 11/11/2021

Credit: just me


I am an economic journalist.. I prefer the energy sector and I seek to specialize in it..
I work in Asharq AL-Awsat newspaper, Executive Director of the International Economics Department… and I look forward to always being promoted

    Holds a certificate from (Reuters London) in How to write financial reports a time of crisis 
    Holds a graduate degree in how to write economic reports in the United States of America
    Holds a certificate from the “center of international journalists “in how to deal with the mass e-News”
    Holds a certificate from partners in development for research, consulting, training, in  Transparency in the public budget allocations in Egypt    
    Certificate Course, pass the journalists in the capital market of the Egyptian Stock Exchange

Project description:

In Light of the current energy crisis in Europe and Asia, the rise in prices to record levels, the bankruptcy of many European energy companies, and the decline in the production of some commodities due to the continuing power outages in Asia, especially China. And at a time when the world is trying to get rid of fossil fuels to reduce emissions and preserve the climate. With the fact that nuclear power currently represents the worlds second largest low carbon energy source. Its contribution is 10% of the total electricity production worldwide. nuclear energy has emerged as a solution that

Impact reached:

I think that the project succeeded in presenting the energy crisis that the world is going through, focusing on the climate crisis and the importance of reducing carbon emissions to reach carbon neutrality, by reducing dependence on carbon-causing fuels and increasing dependence on clean energy sources, which here is “nuclear energy”.

In terms of awareness, the project succeeded in spreading among the energy community, which was moving away from nuclear energy for fear of risks.

As well as consolidating the role of nuclear energy in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for example, after presenting the experience of the Emirates nuclear plant.

Presentation of the importance of nuclear energy in the global energy mix
The importance of nuclear energy in meeting the increasing demand for electricity globally, in light of the high temperature in many countries.

Offer alternative solutions to oil-exporting countries

The role of nuclear energy in the Arab oil-exporting countries.

Techniques/technologies used:

-Study the current energy crisis in all its aspects.
-Examination of research and studies on nuclear energy.
-Talking to Nuclear Energy Experts Before an Interview
-Speak with officials from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to find out the latest developments regarding potential nuclear energy projects
-Studies on the development of nuclear energy in the world

What was the hardest part of this project?

Several articles and press projects have appeared on the global energy crisis.
But the angle through which this project was addressed…in light of the global energy crisis and the problems of climate change…is completely different in my estimation..

What can others learn from this project?

Thinking differently in crises and urgent problems that directly affect us..

Study all aspects of the crisis and then reach the appropriate source

This leads to solutions that may be sustainable in many cases.

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