REA’s ‘Ghost Projects’ worth ₦2.8 billion could build 2 mini-grids each for Nigeria’s 774 local governments

Country/area: Nigeria

Organisation: Dataphyte

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 14 Dec 2020

Credit: Olusola Oludiran

Project description:

The Project is an analysis of how the National Rural Electrification Agency spent a sum of ₦2.8bn on nameless projects since 2019. Arguably, the mismanagement of public funds is no longer novel in the Nigerian government. Meanwhile, the project serves a pointer to this discrepancy and it further provides a solution on such money could be spent on making all 774 local governments in Nigeria enjoy the dividend of democracy by purchasing electric mini grid for them instead of mishandling public monies.

Impact reached:

The project has opened all Nigerians eyes to know the value for money and to always demand such from the government agencies. In that wise, there is a need for proper education on public funds should be expended, arguably the project has educated every other sector to keep up with making value for money their watchword. Also, such a story written to be a problem solver has put the government  on its toes to spend the people’s money wisely

Techniques/technologies used:

Exploration of Open Data was the main technique in the project, and it requires a meticulous search with a touch of ‘nose for news’ mindset.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The hardest part of the project was the point of valuation. to bring an actual value of the electricity mini-grids was a bit hectic because it required extra research techniques and resilience.

What can others learn from this project?

Resilience towards impactful and solution providing Journalism. Every Journalist must know that while the society is being informed, there is always a room for them to be problem solvers to the policymakers as well. Each journalist should learn to provide innovations that will affect and enhance positive developments in government’s decisions in the future 

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