The Sigma Awards Projects

Welcome to our special place where we list the best of data journalism from around the world.

When people apply to the Sigma Awards, they are required to share more than a description of their work. We ask about the technologies used, the impact reached, the challenges encountered, and more. We also gather data on countries and organizations represented.

We believe this information can be very valuable to other members of the data journalism community. That’s why we are sharing it with you in a usable format.

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Meet the Sigma Awards 2023 Winners

At the beginning of the year, we received 638 entries, from 332 organizations in 80 countries/areas, representing the work of hundreds of data journalists done throughout the year 2022. Our jury went through all the projects, and we are now proud to reveal the winners of the Sigmas 2023 competition. You can check them out right now in the grid below. You can also download the data on GitHub.

All-time list of projects