Country/area: Kyrgyzstan

Organisation: PolitKlinika

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 05/12/2021

Credit: Cholponbek Sabyrbekov, Altynai Nurlanova and Erkaiym Temirbolotova


Authors are beginner-data journalists and have started to work with data analysis and storytelling since applied Internews Data Journalism Program for a one year (2021). Cholponbek Sabyrbekov, Altynai Nurlanova and Erkaiym Temirbolotova gained new knowledge and skills to produce more deep publications explaining through data and focusing mostly for Kyrgyz speaking audience.

Project description:

According to internal Ministry of Health regulations, an ambulance team should arrive within 30 minutes after a call is placed, as this timeframe can be crucial for saving a patient’s life. The journalists conducted a study in cooperation with the Civic Initiative CSO and discovered that over 700,000 people living in 559 settlements are unable to get an ambulance in a timely manner. There is an insufficient number of ambulance crews nearly everywhere in the country. Ambulance crews also lack specialized doctors such as cardiologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists, also there’s an inadequate number of ambulance vehicles.

Impact reached:

There is no impact yet

Techniques/technologies used:

Journalists used datasets both data on population center and data on ambulance stations, and calculated arrival time using isochronous via CARTO online service. All collected data compiled in Qgis to calculate the population centers that do not have an access to ambulance.

What was the hardest part of this project?

This data publication was released in a timely manner in a pandemic situation to define the gaps in State health care system.

What can others learn from this project?

This story demonstrates work with various data and do mapping using isochronous.

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