Open Data for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Country/area: China

Organisation: The Paper

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

We have published three times of the open data for the COVID-19 so far.

At the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, we built up our own dashboard for tracking case numbers in China. Just two days later, on January 24, we shared the full updating dataset with the public, which we continuously updating and sharing until now.

After two weeks, on Feburary 6, for another story, we collected, cleaned, and published another dataset with the tracking details of 763 confirmed cases.

At the end of the year, on December 23, to memorize the anniversary of the COVID-19, we opened up the application for a dataset containing 11699 confirmed case tracking details to the public.

We published and update our datasets both on Github and Shimo spreadsheet, so that they’re accessible for users in different countries. And we promoted our datasets in our interactive tracking dashboard and in our Wechat post.

The series of open data articles have gained over one hundred thousand page views. Our repository of the daily coronavirus update numbers on Github has been stared 166 times and forked 73 times. In addition to these, our newsroom, other media, and many concerned citizens have published multiple articles with the numbers and details of our datasets. For example, in Feburary, the Netease data column, which has a smaller data news team, used our dataset for their data-driven story. 

Description of portfolio:

Project link 1: COVID-19 daily update dashboard (Jan. 22, 2020 till now)

Project link 2: COVID-19 daily updates on Github (Jan. 11, 2020 to Jan. 28, 2021)

The columns respectively contain the date of report, province of China/country, city of China, number of new confirmations, number of new recoveries, number of new deaths, source, first link, second link, third link, and notes.

Project link 3: COVID-19 daily updates on Shimo spreadsheet (Jan. 11, 2020 to Feb. 4, 2021)

Project link 4:  tracking details of 763 confirmed cases on Github

The columns respectively contain the links of tracking survey record, the text of tracking record, the date of confirmation, province and city, link to Wuhan, travel record, link to local cases, date of finding conditions, date of being hospitalized and so on.

Project link 5: tracking details of 763 confirmed cases on Shimo spreadsheet

Project link 6: tracking details of 11699 confirmed cases interactive and application entry. (Jan. 1, 2020 to Oct. 23, 2020)

The dataset includes all accessible tracking survey reports in China. 

Project link 7: example of other newsroom article using our shared dataset

Project links: