Naked Facts

Category: Best visualization (small and large newsrooms)

Country/area: Egypt

Organisation: InfoTimes

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 22/08/2019

Credit: Nour Eltigani, Aya Nader, Ahmad AlAmrousy,

Project description:

It is a news service from InfoTimes consisting of one visualization and 150-300 word story tackling issues about environment, the economy, and gender. This project was created to tackle and open a dialogue on issues that were not discussed on mainstream media. The content is mainly targeted for decision makers, academics and researchers.

Impact reached:

We take the data and simplify it for easy consumption and understanding. This familiarizes the average person with data and exposes them to different data formats and sources while training him/her on how to read and consume data. Our platform also allows the audience to have access to the data for personal use by providing them with structured data​.

Techniques/technologies used:

Flourish, Data wrapper, Tableau, Tabula. Using these data visualization tools we sort the data in a formate that will translate for the best visualization method.

What was the hardest part of this project?

Compiling and cleaning the data as well as look for different methods and tools to make it easier for the reader. It is also a challenege to simplofy complex data into an easy-to-digest format for views while making the topics relevent to their scope of interest.

What can others learn from this project?

People may not be aware that certain types of data exist such as data measuring the pollution in the air or plastic consumption. Data helps people understand the magnitude of problems and therefore the purpose of naked facts is to shed light on problems that impact our day-to-day lives and those around us.

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