Mundo Deportivo – Ferran Morales

Country/area: Spain

Organisation: Mundo Deportivo

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

I am Ferran Morales, I have been working in Mundo Deportivo for 22 years, currently we mainly do work for the web but we still maintain the commitment to make double pages of paper.
I am a very restless person and I always try to evolve year after year, I believe that the adaptation of new methodologies to carry out some online jobs (scrolltelling) will help us to do better jobs in the coming years.

Description of portfolio:

The first 4 pieces are a series that we made of Roger Fereder and Novak Djokovic detailing the Grand Slams, in digital and paper version.
The rest of the projects are on topics as different as the 75 years of the NBA, or a world championship carried out by a very famous Spanish stremer, Ibai Llanos (with this type of work we want to attract a young audience who watches this content).
My portfolio can be seen various pieces both on paper and digital.

Project links: