More violent waves are coming … Why do the rain triumph over Cairo officials?

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Country/area: Egypt

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 Cars immersed in water only the upper part appears, and traffic accumulates up to complete paralysis, and the streets have turned into miniature seas and tunnels that have become pools of water in which you can swim. Repeated over the past years. These scenes took control of the situation in several governorates yesterday, especially Cairo. The streets of its streets disappeared under the rain water that reached Cairo alone to 650,000 cubic meters, which were not absorbed by the sewage network, so they returned it back to the streets, so that a whole team of water suction cars began to remove the water that was unable Sanitation network in Cairo unbearable.

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 Circuit the project by removing confusion in their accusation. Knowing that it may be more violent as a result of climatic changes witnessed by Egypt recently every year, a crisis occurs on Cairo and other Egyptian governorates as a result of the rains, and despite the recurrence of this crisis, but officials in Egypt cannot deal with it and always cause a great loss despite The government has announced its appropriate readiness. This data-driven report highlights the reason why the government failed to deal with rain every year due to the lack of a rainwater drainage network and the government's refusal to establish it because of its high financial cost.

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