Las twitcherías de Maldito Dato

Country/area: Spain

Organisation: Maldita.es

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 1/1/2021

Credit: Nacho Calle, Sergio Sangiao, Adela Vived, José Molina, Rubén Díaz, Maribel Ángel-Moreno, Yuly Jara y Paula Pérez.

Biography: The project has been created by Maldito Dato, the section specialised in data journalism, investigation and FOIA of Maldita.es, a media outlet focused on fact-checking.

All Maldito Dato team during 2021 (Sergio Sangiao, Adela Vived, Yuly Jara, Maribel Ángel-Moreno, Rubén Díaz and José Molina) and the deputy director of Maldita.es, Ignacio Calle, and other journalists of the media outlet like Paula Pérez participated in the twitcherías of Maldito Dato this year.

Project description:

The Maldito Dato twitcherías have been broadcasts that have taken place throughout 2021 on the Maldita.es Twitch channel.

In these broadcasts, information of public interest has been told to a new audience thanks to data journalism.

These broadcasts carried out by the section specialising in data journalism have taken place once every two weeks throughout the whole of 2021.

Impact reached:

First Twitch broadcasts in Spain based on data journalism. Reaching a younger public and new audiences.

Construction of stories based on data journalism to give them full format on Twitch, as in the case of the Olympic Games programme or the 25-N elections.

But we also invite other media that are doing things related to the theme of the broadcast. The intention is to divulge the best journalism and the best data journalism, even if it is done by others. We tell our own stories and those of others, and we invite them too to give them this platform. Spain’s leading data units and data journalists are invited. Also journalists and experts in other fields that can enrich on a specific topic.

Techniques/technologies used:

Twitch, Streamyard, Data analysis, Data visualisation…

What was the hardest part of this project?

Turning data journalism into content for a new format with a new audience like Twitch.

Make Maldito Dato’s twitcherías one of the most followed on the Maldita.es channel.

Also, always bring the best or those who have published the most interesting things about the specific subject we are going to explain and we get new stories and points of view based on data to be able to add and contribute by telling them in the twitchería.

What can others learn from this project?

That data journalism is not a serious and boring thing that can only be print journalism and full of graphics and infographics. It can be told in a relaxed way and can reach other audiences such as the people of Twitch.

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