Country/area: Morocco

Organisation: Anttag media, site azulpress.ma

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

Al-Hassan Bakrim – one year old – is a professional journalist in Berber, Arabic and French languages
Writer for several Moroccan newspapers for 25 years
He holds a master’s degree in press editing and media diversity and a license in private law
Received configurations in Morocco and outside Morocco
Received an investigative journalism grant in 2013 on the topic: Gambling in the feminine form … casino women
Received a journalistic investigation grant from the International Center for Journalism in 2020 on the topic: The impact of Covid 19 on Moroccan women … Violence against women in the time of Corona … Video: Stories of the suffering of Moroccan women with violence in the time of Corona
Site manager azulpress.ma and community pulse magazine
Director of the ANTTAG MEDIA Foundation

Description of portfolio:

Investigation: Stories of the suffering of Moroccan women with violence during the time of Corona (with a video tape)

The impact of COVID-19 on the status of women in Morocco

Or when homes are not safe for women … due to violence in the time of Corona

In the time of Corona, and in the period of quarantine, and at a time when everyone sheltered in homes for fear of the threat of the Corona virus, the homes became insecure for hundreds of women and girls … many exciting and strange facts that embody the suffering of half of society from violence by relatives.

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