Knowledge Station [Estação Conhecimento]

Country/area: Brazil

Organisation: TV UFSC, VIA Estação Conhecimento

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

VIA Estação Conhecimento is a research group from the Federal University of Santa Catarina linked to the Knowledge Engineering Department that is working to strengthen innovation habitats, at national and international level, guided by actions focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. The Group is a leader in Brazil in the development of methodologies for innovation, open innovation, urban challenges and in the definition of innovation habitat management. Thus, it presents know-how to develop the proposed actions with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and the structuring of regional ecosystems. It acts in the mobilization of several actors, mainly for the change of culture in innovation, in the articulation between government, academia and the private sector. In addition, it presents its own platform for the development of innovation ecosystems and innovation habitat processes, such as pre-incubators, maker environment, innovation centers and living lab. Still in the area of ​​innovation habitats, he is responsible for conducting the Project to Strengthen Innovation Habits, together with the State Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development and the State Research and Innovation Support Foundation, in defining the management metamodel of the 13 Innovation Centers government of the State of Santa Catarina. Grupo VIA’s practice in the theme of innovation centers is also associated with the private sector, together with the Catarinense Technology Association, in defining the accreditation and monitoring of the performance of the four municipal innovation centers in Florianópolis. The Group coordinated the Creative District of Florianópolis – Centro Sapiens and the pre-incubator Cocreation Lab. It also has hackathons (open innovation) and Living Labs methodologies, with Living Lab Florianópolis being a case of using the VIA methodology found in operation. In the theme of smart cities, the group presents a methodology for conducting decision-making processes of different actors, considering local stakeholders, for the transformation of the city and the implementation of technologies. The group also operates in Santa Catarina – Brazil under the State Innovation Pact, being the only research group agreed and has technical-scientific connections with Barcelona, ​​China, Portugal, Colombia, Italy, Uruguay and Argentina.

Description of portfolio:

TV UFSC, a university educational channel at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, is essential to think about the future of Brazilian public television by optimizing its productions in transmedia format, in an inclusive and creative and diverse way, to improve the quality of the dissemination of content for the society. Through connections with the academic community and various agents of the Santa Catarina state’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, we enable the integration of journalism content, documentaries, programs, special campaigns, training, guidance, consultancy and dissemination. Our team intends to create innovative service projects, spreading UFSC teaching, research and extension activities with other ecosystem agents beyond the state, optimizing, through public-private partnerships, the production of cultural and tourist projects for transmedia programming TV UFSC, through the creation, execution and management of transmedia projects, based on the interaction between the University, the government and the private sector for the production and optimization of audiovisual content in order to expand the dissemination of knowledge to the community.

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