Journalists in Kyrgyzstan have frequently been assaulted, followed, and taken to court. Kloop’s data analysis

Entry type: Single project

Country/area: Kyrgyzstan

Publishing organisation: Kloop Media

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 2022-03-15

Language: Kyrgyz, Russian, English

Authors: Saadat Tologonova, Ekaterina Reznikova


Saadat Tologonova is a correspondent who graduated from Kloop Media School of Journalism in 2019. Currently, she works mainly on data materials and investigations.
Ekaterina Reznikova Kloop Media data editor. She has good experience working on features, data materials, investigations.

Project description:

The detention of journalist Bolot Temirov allegedly for drugs immediately after the release of an investigation into the nephew of the head of state security of Kyrgyzstan is a natural continuation of a series of beatings, threats and intimidation of journalists in Kyrgyzstan. Kloop analyzed data for the past five years and found that almost no one is punished for attacks, beatings and pressure on journalists in Kyrgyzstan.

Impact reached:

After the publication was released, several media outlets reprinted it. And they began to use data and illustrations more in their publications. Since in 2022 the authorities began to persecute, detain journalists, block independent media and pass laws against the media as in Russia.

Techniques/technologies used:

Datawrapper, Google Sheets

Context about the project:

It was difficult to get official data. The data from the Prosecutor General’s Office and the data we collected were different. They seem to be understating the stats. Therefore, I collected data manually and did a survey of journalists.

What can other journalists learn from this project?

Journalists may learn that it is possible to manually collect the data themselves if there is no reliable, detailed official data.

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