It can be increased .. How did the companies acquire 70% of the league clubs in the last two decades?

Country/area: Egypt

Organisation: Masrawy

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 28/10/2021

Credit: abdelwahab elewa

Biography: Mahmoud Al-Shall, an Egyptian journalist, on Masrawy.com, won the Egyptian Journalism Award in the investigative category, for the year 2019, and was nominated for the True Story Award, for the same year.

Project description:

Although the ball is for the fans, but we monitor how the mass clubs disappeared during 20 years, so that companies and bodies controlled two-thirds of the Egyptian League clubs, so that the audience was absent from most of the matches without a clear policy for turning the Egyptian League into a professional league, integrating investment and the public.

Impact reached:

The project caused a strong reaction, and it was published on a number of other platforms after it was published on our website, and the Egyptian Football Association is currently trying to gradually transform the professional league, but this is still difficult due to the lack of a clear vision and policy for decision makers.

Techniques/technologies used:

Open sources and sports databases for the Egyptian Football Association, in addition to the Google search engine database for Egyptian leagues, teams and results.
In addition, I used data analysis and visualization tools such as Florish, Infographic, and others from the infographic industry website.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The most difficult part was obtaining the Egyptian League data 20 years ago in light of the lack of comprehensive databases in Egypt, to monitor the transformation that took place in the Egyptian League, in addition to finding the budgets of the clubs participating in the Egyptian League, especially corporate clubs, and comparing them with the public clubs in light of the lack of availability of these data in Egypt.
The topic sheds light on an important aspect of the first Egyptian sport, which is football, and how it turned from the simple masses to the rich only without developing a clear policy or plan.

What can others learn from this project?

Sports issues in Egypt still do not receive sufficient in-depth treatment, especially in terms of data journalism.

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