Impact of COVID-19 on Women in the Labor Force

Country/area: United States

Organisation: Annuity.org

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 29/03/2021

Credit: Sheena Zimmermann, Kim Borwick


Sheena Zimmermann, M.Ed., Financial Writer 

Sheena Zimmermann began her professional career in higher education administration, amassing more than 10 years of experience advising and coaching, developing orientation materials, crafting training guides and managing campus-wide communications. She brings a deep commitment to connecting readers with resources designed to improve their financial literacy and strengthen their financial health.


Kim Borick, Financial Editor

As a professional writer and editor, Kim Borwick has enhanced the quality of digital content, marketing copy, journal articles, textbooks and educational materials, and a variety of fiction forms and genres.

Project description:

This project explores how the COVID-19 pandemic affected women, particularly women of color, and their ability to rejoin the workforce after having been unemployed for an extended period of time. 

December 2020 job reports showed that women lost 156,000 jobs, as compared with men who gained 16,000 jobs in a month that marked the highest job losses since May 2020.

This project examines these discrepancies and the long-term implications of gender inequality and socioeconomic status on Americans during a time of crisis. It also offers resources and advice for women directly from women with specialized expertise.

Impact reached:

Fifty-five websites referenced and linked to the project as a resources for thier readers. It reached 13,803 users on social media, and readers viewed the project 500 times, spending on average more than 12 minutes on the page.

Techniques/technologies used:

We used original expert interviews and relevant statistics to examine how and why this crisis has disproportionately affected women and to provide career and financial advice and resources for women.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The hardest part of producing this project was keeping up with the rapidly changing pandemic throughout the production process to ensure our content remained timely and accurate.

What can others learn from this project?

Media outlets and researchers at the time were covering this topic widely. Our project provided unique value in that it offered more than just facts about how the pandemic was affecting women in the labor force; we offered resources for women.

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