How’s your salary level? – Regarding to the median of salary open data in Taiwan

Country/area: Taiwan

Organisation: The News Lens

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 17 Jul 2020

Credit: Steven Yeo

Project description:

Using data published by Taiwan government, we present the salary data of all listed companies with barcode diagram  and use scrollytelling method to show salary distribution of each industry.

Impact reached:

The information that the government published was always the “mean”, which may easily be affected by the extreme value. Compared to the mean, the “median”, which was published for the first time, can be closer to the reality. ​

Techniques/technologies used:

In the article, we use R with d3.js to visualize data, and use “barcode diagram” to present. By using scrollytelling method, we are able to thoroughly present the difference among industries. 
We use Svelte for the front-end framework and add a search tool at the end of the article for readers to search a specific company. Using R to make barcode map for the searched company and make it easy for readers to share their search result on social media.

What was the hardest part of this project?

We think the challenge is to present such ordinary information effectively. To make the overall arrangement to be fun and easy to understand.

The barcode diagram used in this article makes the presentation of data and relations more complete. The search and share function at the end of the article attract readers to participate and effectively promote this data visualization article to more readers and thus create more engagement.

What can others learn from this project?

The common way to publish salary data is to arrange the amount in decreasing order, but the problem is that those companies in the middle section would be ignored easily. So we use the barcode, scrollytelling, searching bar to cover each company in the open data, and improve the user experience.

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