How long can the stall economy be “hot”?

Country/area: China

Organisation: WIX.com

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 27 Aug 2020

Credit: Zhang Chenlu, Shen Zaohui, Qu Yuchen, Sun Yuhang

Project description:

Introduction: Clarify the background and significance of the report, and describe the long-term development of the economy before the epidemic.
The first part: What is the stall economy.
The second part: the development status of the stall economy after the recovery, using data to show how “hot” the stall economy is.
Part III: Analyze the feasibility of sustainable development of today’s stall economy, predict the future trend of the stall economy, and discuss how long the stall economy can “hot”.

Impact reached:

In the context of the new crown epidemic, the direct effect of the “floor economy” is to create a large number of employment opportunities, increase the income of low-income groups, facilitate the lives of residents, effectively boost domestic demand, and help the economy to better recover from the epidemic. The reporting method of data news can more intuitively and clearly present the changes and development of the stall economy, and provide better data assistance for the audience who want to understand the stall economy or want to develop the stall economy.

Techniques/technologies used:

1. Use the “Baidu Index” to understand the changes in the number of public searches on the topic of “stall economy” and the continuous changes in the degree of news and information on the Internet, and analyze the degree of public attention and changes.
2. Use python to crawl the data of related web pages and save it to the database or excel. Use excel to perform a series of operations such as sorting, summarizing, category splitting, and cross-analyzing data.
3. Use Apahche Echarts, Datamap, Excel, Dysprosium charts and other tools to visualize the collected data.
4. Use Photoshop software to process pictures to make them more in line with the style of web pages.

What was the hardest part of this project?

1. High professional background and code level required for technological innovation
2. Interactive data graph involves a lot of code and is difficult to operate
3. Economic data is relatively boring and difficult to arouse readers’ interest in reading
4. The team’s web front end has less creative art design experience

In fact, the phenomenon of the stall economy many years ago, but the stall economy is a new term.The Chinese government’s attitude towards the land sharing economy reflects that it is becoming more and more pragmatic and practical in the formulation of various policies related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and at the same time requires more and more high governance capacity of local governments at all levels.

What can others learn from this project?

The unprecedented demand for reliable information under the influence of the new epidemic has provided great opportunities for the development of the media industry. It’s a good chance to show people what’s really newsworthy. It is extremely important for the media to understand the needs of the audience. Because of its unique advantages, the street-stall economy can relieve the employment pressure to some extent under the background of the financial crisis. The stall economy is related to people’s livelihood, fits the public, and deserves careful discussion to help the audience understand and help the people develop the stall economy.

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kdocs.cn/l/seAIy1YNenWT [金山文档] 地摊经济热多久-文稿及图片翻译.docx