health inequality

Country/area: Bangladesh

Organisation: Financial Express

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 16 Sep 2020

Credit: Jasim Uddin Haroon, Jubair Hasan

Project description:

This story is about inequality in health sector of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a populous country in the world. but its healthcare facilties based on few urban areas. A large part of the 170 million peoples remained vulnerble. the story has bene established by using data of the COVID-19 test facilities. 

This story is also important as the similiar picture is available in other poor nations. The stoty has implicaiton is that the WHO should work on how to minimise the risk of public health in the next pandemic.


Impact reached:

The impact was huge. The health minister himself phoned me. But he did not deny it. The main impact is that the department of health of Bangladesh is now working on how to minimise the centlaised health care system in Bangladesh. And this has formed an opinion in Bangladesh. Besdies, The WHO and the others such international orgnanisations may work on it.


Techniques/technologies used:

There was no high tech based tools were used. We collected the data physically from different healths facilities and later we worked it through MS excel. 


What was the hardest part of this project?

THe hardest part was  collecitng the data physically. We went to the labs and the helthcare facilties in Bangladesh taking risk during the high time of COVID-19. 

What can others learn from this project?

Other journalists may learn many things from this project. But the the main learnring is that there is no need for high tech analytical instruments, like python or R,  for making a good data report. During the peak time of COVID-19 in Bangladesh we dared to visit the hospitals and other concerend facilties. We collected the data and analysed through the MS Excel. 


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