Hazar Dost

Category: Young journalist

Country/area: Turkey

Organisation: medyascope.tv

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

I started working with data because of the mess of the data driven news. These news confused me. So I started to collect the confusing data driven news at one infografic with my Adobe Photoshop skills. My intention was to make it easier to access to indormation for the readers. 

The increase of social media journalism lead me to social media suitable infografics. Later on I started at the medyascope.tv where I found the chance to practice data journalism. I am one of the young data journalists of medyascope.tv. 

Description of portfolio:

At this article you see the numbers of recovery areas in Istanbul. After the earthquake on 17th August 1999 in Gölcük/Turkey the question about “are we safe” is currently important. With a infografic I showed the numbers of recovery areas in Istanbul. 

At this article you see how much the raise for shelter, food and transportation is. There is currently 20% raise for these 3 categories. 

At this article you see the opinion of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Management about the “Canal Istanbul” project. The Ministry said that Istanbul may remain without water. At the infografic you can see how Istanbul could remain without water. 

At this article I visualised the internation diplomacy traffic during the Syrian intervention of Turkey. American commitee came to Turkey, UN security council was summoned, Putin invitated Erdogan, sanctions are on the table. 

Here I created a map about the coronavirus. It shows which states are affected with the virus. 


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