Hanna Duggal, AJ Labs, Al Jazeera Digital

Entry type: Portfolio

Country/area: Qatar

Publishing organisation: AJ Labs, Al Jazeera Digital

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Hanna Duggal is an interactive producer with Al Jazeera’s AJ Labs data journalism unit.

AJ Labs is a small yet diverse team of editors, journalists, designers and developers comprising five members – each wearing many hats.

Hanna predominantly wears the hat of journalist and designer and has written extensively on the war in Ukraine. Hanna’s main focus has been on providing a human voice to data stories by speaking to the people who have been impacted on the ground.

Hanna holds a BA in International Relations from King’s College London and a Data Journalism PgCert from Birmingham City University.

Description of portfolio:

Over the past year, Hanna has produced dozens of data/visual stories contextualising and analysing the human impact of the war in Ukraine as well as the global energy crunch and cost of living crisis.

Notable stories include:
2022 review: Visualising how the Russia-Ukraine war unfolded
Staying warm this winter: How to beat rising home energy costs
Ukraine’s wartime winter: Which energy facilities are at risk?
100 days of war, 100 stories from Ukraine
The human toll of the Russia-Ukraine war

In addition to covering Ukraine, Hanna has also produced infographic stories covering the Rohingya exodus, Afghanistan – the people behind the numbers, and 30 years since the Bosnian War.

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