Entry type: Single project

Country/area: Kenya

Publishing organisation: Talk Africa (https://www.talkafrica.co.ke/)

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 2022-02-10

Language: English

Authors: Produced by Sharon Wawira Kiburi, a multimedia data journalist. (Freelance)


Sharon .W. Kiburi is an independent Multi-media data journalist. She is very passionate about development stories with the incorporation of data. Through the art of storytelling, she hopes to influence and impact policies to serve the mass majority. She has a keen interest in development data features news in Technology, Human rights, Health, Agriculture, and finance.
Works closely with association of freelance journalists who own and runs an online publication, a regular contributor as well as Standard media group, Citizen digital, and Zenger News, among others. She graduated from Daystar University class of 2017 and 2014 communication electronic media major.

Project description:

The story explores the extent of harassment in the media workspace and how that influences their productivity in the workplace.

The feature looked at data on different types of harassment in Kenya and other African countries.

It sought to inform and call into action to ensure this vital issue is given enough consideration to improve the media work environment for all genders.

Impact reached:

The article has seen many media houses reflect on their Harassment policies; others that had none now have developed one, while the majority have explored how these harassment policies are being implemented.

The feature was published online at Talk Africa, a publication with a wide range of readership in Among African countries. Posting online on a free-to-read platform allows easy access to most people. Talk Africa also enabled me to publish it as a Big read feature giving a deep dive into detailed information.

Techniques/technologies used:

I used interviewing skills, research, and data analysis tools such as Tableau software and google sheet to create creative images to explain the data. I had the privilege to interview experts in the industry that were quite knowledgeable and provided intriguing perspectives to the article.

Context about the project:

While working on this feature, I learned there are a lot of loopholes concerning matters of Harassment. Beginning from how Harassment is defined in the constitution to its interpretations. There definitely needs to be more knowledge of the issues and individuals’ cultural and behavioral tendencies.
In some legacy media, there is a need for education to go against the norm of operations that has existed for long periods. Introducing change may take time to integrate. There is a need for lobbying for g

What can other journalists learn from this project?

As much as journalists have the burden to inform, educate and entertain society, it is essential to introspect about the environment in which storytellers operate. Because journalism is a job that is not for the faint-hearted, hence having an environment that enables both genders to thrive equally.

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