From Ancient Cloth in China to Your Jeans

Category: Young journalist

Country/area: United States

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Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

Dear organizers of 2020 Sigma Awards:

I’m Yutong Han, the second year Interactive Media student from the University of Miami. I want to be a data-driven storyteller in the future. Because data can’t tell a lie, and the story is full of humanity. With many tools’ help, like D3.js, ArcGIS, Illustration, Procreate, I can communicate with people from different places through data visualization stories. Now I’m creating infographics and building the website in Marine Biology and Ecology Department in UM. Here is my portfolio website: http://yutong-han.com/.

Description of portfolio:

On August 20th, 2019, I attended professor Alberto Cairo’s Infographics and Data Visualization Studio course. We needed to individually develop a large visualization project in 4 months. I chose Chinese indigo dyeing as my topic. Many Chinese northern village workers relied on indigo dyeing for their livelihood last century. But their businesses were going up in flame. Because industrial indigo was successfully developed overseas. It is much cheaper than hand-made indigo. At that time, they were also war-torn. To some extent, indigo mirrored the decline and revival of China. How did this small blue fabrics mirror Chinese history? Here’s the link: http://toyourjean.com/.

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