2021 Shortlist

Ferran Morales, Mundo Deportivo

Country/area: Spain

Organisation: Mundo Deportivo

Organisation size: Small

I am Ferran Morales, I have been working at Mundo Deportivo for 21 years, currently we mainly do work for the web but we still maintain the commitment to make double pages of paper we continue to maintain, in this complicated 2020 where many competitions were not disputed it was very complicated, but thanks to the bet of the medium we were able to maintain and even exceed the quality of previous years. I am a very restless person and I always try to evolve year after year, I believe that the adaptation of new methodologies to carry out some online jobs (scrolltelling) will help us to do better jobs in the coming years.

Description of portfolio:

The work presented are both digital and printed pieces of work published at El Mundo Deportivo.

Last year I built together with Angel Rigueira (the Tennis Editor at El Mundo Deportivo) a graphic about Rafa Nadal that got a finalist at the Sigma Awards. This year, our goal was to compare the Big Three (Rafa, Federer and Djokovic).

We first built a printed version, double page (Big Three PDF), visualizing data from each tournament by player, with a closer deep dive on the number of points, Grand Slams, court surface and the classification from the ATP ranking.

When doing the digital piece, we completely changed the point of view, including a scroll to highlight specific information.

Leo Messi beat Pele’s record as the player with the highest amount of goals scored with the same team. Together with Gabriel Sans (football editor), we gathered data from each goal: from where was this scored, its trajectory, season, journey, amongst other data.

In order to adapt this to the online version, as we wanted to keep all the data, we had to gather these in a different manner, using the scroll again, so that we could highlight the most important facts or data.

Lastly, I present the visualization done to celebrate the 700 goals scored by Leo Messi with th FC Barcelona and the Argentina selection. For this one, we filtered by competition and team that received the goal, amongst other data. The main image for this piece was the one about Messi with his thumbs pointing to the sky.

Tools used were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Ai2Html, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and Google Spreadsheet. All data was gathered and saved in a Google spreadsheet.

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