Fenghuo Datanews Technology Ltd.

Country/area: China

Organisation: Fenghuo Datanews Technology Ltd.;Tencent;Meetyou APP;the Paper

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Founded on Christmas in 2019, our team is an independent and small-sized newsroom focusing on data news and visualization, and has rich experience in data news production, which is one of the few professional institutions in China. We are a team with international vision and standards. Our team members include outstanding journalists and designers from China and France, and researchers from the top universities in China. We have experience in customizing and producing data works for national media and our works are well received by the co-operate media and the market.


Description of portfolio:

I am the team leader of the project. In recent years, China’s fertility rate is gradually declining. Our report focused on the current situation of Chinese women who are preparing for pregnancy, especially those who have difficulties in it. In the article published on Tencent, we found that during the isolation period of the COVID 19 pandemic, the number of women preparing for pregnancy was increasing rapidly, but the success rate was not satisfactory, and what’s worse, the situation was more serious in Beijing and other first-tier cities. In the article published in the paper, we explored the variables that could affect women’s pregnancy preparation and decision, and in the co-production project with the Meetyou app, we further observed the efforts made by the difficult pregnancy group to have a baby. It is worth mentioning that our insights are all based on the data provided by an app that records data on millions of women’s physiological situations, which is very rare now when the public second-hand data is more commonly used as a reference for reporting. All the reports were published on the influential we media platform in China, and received more than ten thousand reading and attention.

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