Fad to Black

Country/area: Pakistan

Organisation: Dawn

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 31 May 2020

Credit: Myself Umar Bacha

Project description:

I have written this piece for leading newspaper of Pakistan Dawn’s EOS magzine it was published as cover story of the magzine. I have produced it in three months and gathered the informationn in my area where I live too. 

Most of the colliers are living in Shangla working at the mines in different parts of the country. 



Impact reached:

I tried to draw the attention of the government towards this poor class and flaws within the mining work. And government had taken action and now started registration of the workers and taking steps. 

Techniques/technologies used:

I used government and non-government websites for taking data. 

What was the hardest part of this project?

As it was a long form piece so it took my more time also changes made on the editors instructions was hardest challenge.  

I used data and work hard on this story by visiting each and every orphan and widow for interviews in the tough terrain of my area mostly population living in far flung areas. I have ensured quality journalism in this in-depth piece and it deserve for this prestigious award. 


What can others learn from this project?

Journalist can learn how to use data in the stories and collecting data. 

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