Degital platform

Country/area: Pakistan

Organisation: Associated press of Pakistan, Xplore-with-Aniee, Worldnewspakistan

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Being a journalist i always want to enhance my journalistic skills through taking parts in media worshops and i have attended several workshops and training  in pakistan Recently i have been selected for Wome Media Mentorship Program by GNMI and i got training for to start my digital media platform Via YouTube channel name Xplore-with-Aniee. I am working on culture and tourism in which I try to cover all the cultural areas and historical sites and try to get data about the sites etc moreover I try to explore the unexplored areas and culture of others. I am working in Associated press of Pakistan since 2010 and have published  several news and my work include edit news stoires filed by other reporters as well. On the other side I write news articles,  stories for Worldnewspakistan.

Description of portfolio:

I have written several  news which are published  by my organisation Associated press of Pakistan and also I have started my digital platform and i want to showcase my work which i have uploaded on my YouTube channel.I want to participate in this award opportunity because for me this is more then an opportunity which would encourage me to work hard more to get success in the field of Journalism.  

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