Data News:”Two Mountains” Practice in Jiangxi

Country/area: China

Organisation: Data News Studio of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 22 Oct 2020

Credit: Yuqian Jiang,Yilan Chen,Xiaojing Zhen,Bixia Wu,Zhixing Cao,Yubin Wang,Shujun Luo,Jian Li

Project description:

This project presents that Jiangxi Province has been pursuing the green development philosophy put forward by the “The 13th Five-Year Plan “.Through the analysis of water quality area, forest quality and quantity, energy consumption and emissions and many other data,it shows new paths of Jiangxi’s green economic development with the help of using green finance and achieving the goal of “Two Increase and One Decrease”-improving water resources, increasing forest resources, and conserving energy and reducing emissions.  

Impact reached:

This project was first released on the mobile phone Jiangxi Channel, and it was also pushed by the “XueXiQiangGuo” application.The number of viewers had exceeded 100,000. The project effectively propagandized the positive social impact brought by Jiangxi’s economic green development, deeply rooted the concept of green development,and provided a vivid success case for other provinces that want to develop green finance.The purpose is to enable all provinces to consciously and responsibly reduce resource consumption and waste emissions in the process of production and living.In this way,human production and life are going to be controlled within the tolerable range of natural resources and ecological environment. Eventually,the man-made pollution to ecological environment will be eliminated,and the expectation about the better life for the people asked by new development philosophy will come true.

Techniques/technologies used:

We used Magic media brain, Dycharts, Pr and several data processing platforms in the production process. The most important data video production tool is Magic Media Brain, which is an intelligent production platform that uses AI technology to help users complete short video content more efficiently. In the production of data charts, for dynamic charts we used Magic Media Brain, but for static charts we used Dycharts,which is the China’s first data and visualization service platform. It not only provides high-quality data resources, but also helps users complete the whole process from data acquisition, to data analysis and processing, to data visualization presentation and release. In animation production and picture processing, we choose Pr, namely Adobe Premiere, which is a software with better picture quality for editing.

This project is a video data news work that mines data and uses Magic Media Brain for data processing and visualization. In the early, we obtained public data resources from government platforms and other credible platforms, after filtering the data,we visualized the collected data by using data processing software such as dycharts and Pr, finally, the processed data was integrated into a visual data video through Magic Media Brain.

What was the hardest part of this project?

The most difficult part of this project is data collection. We need to collect large-scale data from various data platforms or websites,but they don’t always publish all their data or sometimes they lack some data. Therefore,we need to conduct further mining or abandon part of the data. On this basis, the data had been sorted, filtered and supplemented, and finally the data files we need had been formed, so we had invested a lot of time and energy at this stage.

In order to let the teachers experts understand our work better,we will briefly state the idea of our work. In terms of conception,our project started from green finance, and extended how Jiangxi Province had been practicing the concept of green development), and then expounded the integration of ecological environment protection and economic development.The project vividly interpreted what is “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.In terms of the structure of the project, we constructed it in accordance with the idea of “Two Increases and One Decrease” goal improving water resources, increasing forest resources and how to saving energy and reducing emissions,and showed the contribution made by Jiangxi Province to this goal.

Nowadays, environmental issues are global problems. Through solid data collection and detailed visualization, this project strongly illustrates that green finance is able to promote the economic development of Jiangxi and achieve a “win-win” situation of environmental protection and economic development.

What can others learn from this project?

1.When we are faced with a big proposition, we choose a small perspective.In the data presentation, the connection between the data should be established, from point to surface.The connection should be reasonable and scientific, not far-fetched.

2.We take into account the many general characteristics of political proposition: seriousness, sensitive words, confidentiality principle,broad and so on.In the process of making the product, we managed to retain these elements while still maintaining a lively, visual and readable style.

3.The video images of this work are diverse, using a combination of various charts and images.

4.A very important question of making a data news is whether “topic first” or “data first”.The choice will seriously affect the display of data news.In this project,our team chose “data first” principle and tried hard to find the connection between the  data to establish their structural relations.

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