Corona stifles breath and doubles unemployment and depression: exceptional restrictions are healing the wounds of the besieged Gaza youth

Country/area: Palestine

Organisation: There is no more than one

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 23/1/2021

Credit: International Committee of the Red Cross

Biography: Yahya Al-Yaqoubi is a journalist from the Gaza Strip. I work for Palestine newspaper. Interested in human stories. She has won many local and Arab awards, most notably the Samir Kassir Prize for Freedom of the Press 2021, as well as qualifying for the Dubai Prize for Arab Journalism, as well as qualifying for the European Union Cultural Prize.

Project description:

He reviews the impact of Covid 19 on the youth of Gaza, for a young man with a disability when he wanted to get medicine, the police stopped him and treated him badly, and the second story of a girl who lost her mother in the war on Gaza in 2014 and during the virus crisis, her family members were injured and fears of loss again lived, the girl Ahlam did not She finds a job in Dubai, and when she returns to Gaza, she is confined to a place that resembles a prison.

Impact reached:

The project had a great impact on public opinion, especially that the magazine of the International Committee of the Red Cross published it, and it won first place in a competition launched by the International Committee in Palestine, where many activists and pioneers of social networking sites circulated. The report praised the professionalism of the work, especially as it sheds light on a phenomenon that affects the youth group. Noting that the youth category suffers from a high unemployment rate in Gaza that exceeds 50% in light of the lack of job opportunities and the closing of the horizon for young people.
There are many crises experienced by young people in the Gaza Strip as a result of several factors, most notably the restrictions of the Israeli siege and the negative effects of the internal Palestinian division, which contributed to the low rates of employment and their absence from political participation, the high costs of marriage and the difficulty of education and transportation to and from the Gaza Strip.

Techniques/technologies used:

In preparing the report, I relied on interviews through face-to-face talks with stories and cases, and used audio and photography techniques in preparing the written report.
A specific timeline was created and copies of the timeline into the Featured Stories took two months, the coordination and preemptive printing suites needed so there were enough print solutions.
Arbitrators and government officials are in government government.

What was the hardest part of this project?

This picture was filmed at the time of filming, shooting things, things in the world of photography and internet prices. The final decision came to participate in the following sentence, and indeed, the result won successfully, the final stage because I made a great effort in it and I want to raise the voice of Palestine to the world.

What can others learn from this project?

It is possible to learn from this project how to be serious and diligent and not give up in the search for our dreams and not give in to circumstances, sieges and all restrictions, creating an awareness aspect about how to take precautionary measures against the Corona virus.

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