Corona and Lockdown pregnant women face double risks, psychological problems also increased

Country/area: Pakistan

Organisation: TNN (Trible News Network)

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 1 Dec 2020

Credit: my self

Project description:

In the CovD19 and lock down, all the private hospitals were closed and only emergency was being dealt with in the government hospitals or treatment related to corona was being done everywhere. Pregnant women in those days were at great risk and difficulty as to where to go if they had a major problem until the delivery of their baby and how to protect themselves or their newborn from getting coded in hospitals. These double risks can lead to more problems for pregnant women and especially for psychological problems. I raised this important issue and pointed out the solution .

Impact reached:

When covid 19 was very popular, Lockdown and Code spread fear everywhere, so my article reassured and reassured the readers as I raised the issue in my article as well as the suggestions of experts in the relevant field. It also included data and materials on the psychological problems and illnesses of pregnant women. Our social environment is such that mental illness is not considered a disease here and is not treated during pregnancy. During the second wave of the covid 19, I drew people’s attention to this important issue and it gave confidence to pregnant women and their families, while during the second wave of the Code, now due to my article There were no restrictions in hospitals and women’s physical problems did not increase as much as in the first wave. In my article, I also shared information about Ccovid with reference to newborns, which encouraged them that Corona does not spread in New Barn Babie. so that pregnant women can confidently and confidently carry out their pregnancy duration and delivery stages. However, a large number of women remained in trouble

Techniques/technologies used:


To highlight this project ۔ I collected data from government and private hospitels, various websites and found out the solution for the problems of pregnent women. I t I met with various stakeholders and sought their views and opinions I interviewed pregnant women, consulted hospital administrations, doctors, not only collected data from them, but also took suggestions from them and included them in the article. Initially international research in this regard was done. Since there was a risk of getting infected with the coronavirus in those days when going to the hospital and seeing doctors, most of the communication was done on mobile phone and through the internet so that I could do journalism and keep myself safe.  , I used various government and non-government websites ۶ WhatsApp group collects  information ٔ حاصل Get their pictures with the help of photographers All this information and data and typed in Urdu page (our national language) on personal computer بھیج Sent to Karachi head office for publication via email and WhatsApp


What was the hardest part of this project?

1.The problem I had in this case was that covid 19 was evry where in the country. It was difficult for me  visit the sight and field

2. our country is a muslim country in which acording to our culture women are not allowed by the socity that the discuss thier problmes abot pregnency to the people specially to media person

3. In our society, mental illness or problem is not considered a problem. And majority do not treat it. Physical illnesses are treated, not mental stress or illness. It was becoming difficult for me to talk on this topic and explain to women

. 4. The doctors were very busy because of Covid, it was difficult to take time from them and during this time they only wanted to talk about Covid, other issues were being ignored. .

5 It was difficult to persuade them and talk to them on this issue. Even the mothers were hesitant that we were  not want to high light this issue in media / Therefore, there were difficulties in incorporating opinions and data collection while the entire province consisted of 35 districts and for this purpose it was difficult to cover the entire province and collect data from different areas. It was a very important issue and it was very important to solve this problem because it was the problem of thousands mother and there children

What can others learn from this project?

1.Journalists can learn how to do reporting or feature writing without falling in to any pandemic.

2. journalists should choose topics to write their Ruperton or articles that are more important and have an impact on more people

. 3 There is a human eagle in this story, so if we talk about human rights, it has a greater impact.

4. It highlights the problems as well as the solutions. Journalists can also learn that not only the problems but also the solutions are given in the articles.

5. The story should be focused on a single issue and made specific

6.Deta increasthe value, so I added data in the article

7.As the one picture is equal to the 100 words .  pictures are also give the beauty to the story so I added the pics also,

8 My article is baed on the relivent people and experts of that dield and it is reachers based artikl

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