Climate change .. What is Egypt doing in the midst of a burning world?

Country/area: Egypt

Organisation: masrawy

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 09/11/2021

Credit: only me


 Mohamed Nassar, Vice President of the News Department at Masrawy.com, a journalist specializing in environmental affairs, climate change, local development, political affairs, and investigations. I have extensive experience in various types of electronic or print journalistic work that extends for about 8 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at the University of Mass Communication. Cairo in 2021 with a grade of very good.


Project description:

 The report talks about the impact of climate changes globally on the situation in Egypt in various fields, with an indication of the various aspects of the impact in terms of areas threatened by drowning or inundation, as well as the future of agriculture and the agricultural map and the fate of the Egyptian delta region as it is the most vulnerable area to climate change through salinization of the soil and submerging parts of it.


Impact reached:

 The report shows a map of the threatened areas in Egypt due to climatic changes and the difference of each type of danger that threatens each region in order to draw a comprehensive map on the impact of climate change on the threatened areas and the aspects of intervention necessary to reduce the effects of this change on each region. There are areas threatened by flooding, including Alexandria Here, protection work is being carried out for the beaches to confront this matter, and the land of the delta, which is exposed to excessive salinity, is being visualized about the future of agriculture in it and the crops that will suit this soil in the future and the varieties that may not be cultivable in it again, and in Upper Egypt the temperatures increase and here it can be taken appropriate measures to counter it.


Techniques/technologies used:

 Emphasis was placed on the use of visual display in identifying the most important points in the subject as well as explaining the problem of climate change globally and the efforts that are being made and whether they are sufficient to reduce the effects of climate change or not. More than one infographic has been produced that includes details of the phenomenon of climate change, global warming, changes in the Earth’s climate and the rate of rise The temperature set by the countries of the world at 1.5 degrees, and the points of vulnerability to climatic changes in Egypt.


What was the hardest part of this project?

 Obtaining information on the different numbers in the report is the most difficult, because of their diversity and the fact that they are mentioned in unpublished government studies and reports, which took a long time and effort in order to access and obtain them.


What can others learn from this project?

 The importance of focusing on the solution aspect with a detailed review of the problem from its various angles, but often the press works only focus on the problem and mention its details without providing solutions that can be used to solve this problem, as solutions journalism is clearly not widespread in Egypt


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