BR-116: The road to child sexual exploitation

Country/area: Brazil

Organisation: Record TV

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

Flávia Prado has been an investigative reporter at Record TV’s Special Reports Center since the beginning of last year. He spent 10 years at SBT, eight of them in the reporting and production of “Conexão Repórter” – the channel’s weekly program. Before that, she was a reporter for the Variety section of “Grupo Estado” and also a press officer at the Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. She has a degree in Journalism from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and works, with more emphasis, in the areas of Human Rights and Public Security.

Description of portfolio:

Repórter Record Investigação travels by the “brazilian child sexual exploitation route”

After traveling for almost a thousand kilometers and through four states on a brazilian federal highway – the BR-116 – journalists from our team reveals stories of minors sexually exploited, exposing the reality in which these young women live and investigate the most critical points mapped by the police.


This type of crime occurs at 3,651 identified points along the road. Places like bars, clubs and gas stations,  adults pay to have sex with minors.


In Brazilian law, any form of sexual exploitation envolving a child or adolescents is a crime and the punishment is four to ten years in prison.

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