Big Data Interpretation of Telecom Network Fraud

Country/area: China

Organisation: Hunan Institute of Science and Technology

Organisation size: Small

Publication date: 20/05/2021

Credit: liuyuanyuan;liuchang


Liu Yuanyuan, journalism major, loves data visualization

Liu Chang, journalism major

Project description:

This is a website that uses big data to interpret telecom network fraud. We use the visualization of data graphics to interpret the impact of telecom network fraud on the world. This website is presented with graphs such as bar charts, interactive maps, bubble charts, and sound visualizations, produced by three Chinese college students.

Impact reached:

Tell people the stories behind fraud crimes through data, discover stories from data, and discover news. This project uses interactive production and visualization of the website, so that people all over the world can understand the harm that Internet telecommunications fraud brings to our lives, and explore the motivation, age composition, educational status of the fraudsters, and the life of the deceived. image, etc.

Techniques/technologies used:

  1. 图片设计:Adobe photoshop、Adobe indesign

  2. 背景视频:Adobe premier pro、final cut

  3. 数据图表:智图geoQ、镝数图表、WIX、tableau

  4. 采色:Adobe colour CC

  5. 建站支持:WIX

  6. 插画:无版权免费插画网站+photoshop修改

  7. 视频、声音:BILIBILI

  8. 数据整理:WPS、八爪鱼、集搜客


What was the hardest part of this project?

The most difficult thing is to collect data, which has been self-taught to explore on the basis of zero-based novice. There are two reasons for choosing this topic: First, it is based on the experience of our group members who have been scammed by Internet telecommunications. Second, because it has more social value.

What can others learn from this project?

 The members of our group are all journalism majors and are unfamiliar with computational communication, but with the help of various tools, they have completed this meaningful and socially valuable visual news work, which will greatly encourage us to engage in the journalism industry in the future. . This is also the first work we have cooperated with, which is completely zero-based and can be used for reference by peers.

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