Between the cross and childhood

Country/area: Brazil

Organisation: Anadolu Agency Turkey

Organisation size: Big

Cover letter:

Brazilian Fabio Teixeira of Piracicaba São Paulo, began his career in 1998 as a studio assistant and shortly after began working freelance for photo agencies.

While living in São Paulo Fabio’s work was used by several local and international photo agencies including Folhapress, REUTERS, and AFP. EFE, AP , Publications from Canada, America and Angola also used his work.

Today, Fabio works with photojournalism and documentary in Rio de Janeiro UOL News Portal, Imagens Humanas – Journal Day, Folha de São Paulo,The Guardian of England the International Red Cross, Unicef.

Description of portfolio:

I am documenting the lives of people who are working with garbage recycling in the slums during a pandemic of the corona virus covid19, they wear only a mask to protect themselves, more than 20 workers and have been infected, it is a series of portraits, or details in mascara is a weapon, a rifle, used by drug dealers in favelas, the name of the series is like masks of the pandemic.

Another job I am doing during a pandemic is child labor in the city’s cemeteries, during a pandemic of the covid corona virus19, a teenager works painting crosses, carrying crosses, washing the grave of rich and traditional families in the city, the boy has almost no protection and works every day in the cemetery.

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