Aviacionline – Covid vaccine logistics

Country/area: Argentina

Organisation: Aviacionline.com

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

We put together a series of articles to fight disinformation and political bias in a subject as complex and important as Covid vaccines transportation. The series tried to be technically accurate and easy to read at the same time. We had an internal goal: to elevate the debate level. And we think we succeeded.

Aviacionline is a publication that has grown to be the most widely read Spanish-speaking aviation source. We recently expanded to English and the path and goals are the same: truth before bias, to inform rather than to deliver propaganda, to let the reader get to their own conclusions. 

Description of portfolio:

In the Covid world, the best and worst of each one of us has emerged. In the midst of the health crisis, the same people that refused states intervention demanded a governmental response. In some cases, the polarization of political ideas has led to creating trenches where those sympathizing with the government were convinced that every measure was right and well taken. The opposing side tended to dismiss all actions as wrong, without taking a single minute for analysis. But if things aren’t black or white in normal times, one can only imagine how many shades of gray there are in a global crisis no politician was ever prepared to deal with. 

This series was born after a political decision: to use Argentina’s flag carrier, state-owned Aerolíneas Argentinas, to transport the Sputnik V vaccines produced in Russia. Aerolíneas Argentinas is an icon for the political tribal war the country has been into for the last 70 years: Peronism and anti-Peronism.

Without any bias -better said, having gotten rid of all of our biases- we tried to explore a couple of simple questions: does this logistical effort make any sense? Are those saying that this is a political deal that is not good for our country right? Can we set the record straight from a technical point of view, in a way that is precise and accurate but easy to read?

What you’re about to read was created not to end the fight. We wouldn’t be able to intervene there. But what we accomplished was, for us, much more important: we elevated the level of discussion. When these articles appeared, people needed to stop repeating information that was incorrect. We exposed big media as they created pieces based on improper data, by mistake, or purposefully. 

We got cited by Aerolineas’ CEO, to defend its operation logic. We got cited by people on the two sides of the trenches. But the most important part was that a good number of people that got stranded on the disinformation were able to discern and think for themselves to reach their own conclusions. 

Besides all clicks, ads, revenue, relevance, virality, all that matters is that. We created pieces that made people think. What more can we wish as a reward for what we love to do. 

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