Andelman Unleashed: Elections 2022

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Country/area: United States

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Cover letter:

I have been an international journalist reporting from more than 85 countries for a half century for a host of major international news organizations including The New York Times, CBS News, Bloomberg, Forbes and today as a columnist for CNN. I have reported on any number of elections or other changes of government (coups d’etats or revolutions) on five continents. My work has been recognized by a host of awards and two years ago was awarded Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian decoration.
Last year (2022) I began an exciting new project….

Description of portfolio:

This project, which I will be continuing into 2023, was to monitor every national election and their respective campaigns held in every country. There were 30 last year and I anticipate at least as many this year. In each case, I compiled data on each of the campaigns, the elections and the results, then continued to monitor their outcome. The result was an extraordinary kaleidoscope of efforts to achieve democracy or preserve autocracies and the entire spectrum in between. I have had enormous reactions from every continent to my efforts. The challenges have been manifest, often involving reporting in areas where there is little or no English-language data or reportage and I have been often needed to be quite inventive in devloping sources for this information.
It is to my knowledge the only comprehensive project involving elections and their impact on a global scale. A data project on elections’ outcome at the University of Melbourne in Australia was discontinued early last year, leaving only yours truly!

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