Alessandro Cappelli

Category: Young journalist

Country/area: Italy

Organisation: Rivista Undici

Organisation size: Small

Cover letter:

Is an article published on rivistaundici.com, the website of an Italian magazine (Rivista Undici). The title is “Come Romelu Lukaku si è impadronito della Serie A”, meaning: How Romelu Lukaku is dominating Serie A.

Romelu Lukaku is the center forward of Italian side Internazionale F.C. and is having a great frist season in the Italian league. He is scoring a lot, is a fundamental in Antonio Conte’s tactics and is amazing everyone with his peculiar style of play.

I used WyScout online platform to get the videos to explain and justifying what I was saying. And compared all the data with ones from Soccerment.

Description of portfolio:

I am a young journalist with a lot of experience. I worked in La Repubblica daily while I was in my School of Journalism for the Master Degree (until 2018). Then I started to work for a news video agency in Naples (SìComunicazione) where I got used to video editing, tv journalism, radio journalism, and etc. etc. Last summer I decided to learn company communication, so I joined Costa Cruises’ press office. Since 2017 I write for Rivista Undici, probably the best Italian magazine on football and sports. And on January 30th comes out my first book “STAND UP, SPEAK OUT”, about the connection between sports and civil rights in the Usa.

I always try to go beyond sports when I write about sports. Nowadays it’s impossible to “Stick to sports”. Because of the polarization of the politics, because of the integration of sports and society, because sports doesn’t quit when the ring bell or the clock goes to 0 or the referee blows. Sports and politics are conncted, talking each other. And sticking to sports is pretending to not see what happens around us.

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