Acess to Covid 19 Vaccines in Arid and Semi Arid Areas

Country/area: Kenya

Organisation: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Y254 Television

Organisation size: Big

Publication date: 10/11/2021

Credit: Ndavula Emmanuel Samuel


I hold a bachelor of mass communication from Africa Nazarene University, am an award winning producer having won several awards including two Sanaa theatre awards for Vioja Mahakamani and comedy arena respectively as well as an ADARA award for Abled differently programme.

Innovative Producer with six years of experience in all aspects of video production. Visionary creator, editor, storyteller and business operations manager with demonstrated ability to take an idea from concept to delivery to produce entertaining and inspiring pieces. Collaborative in working closely with strategic and creative teams to develop and produce quality video content. Expertise in preproduction logistics, planning, production, custom graphics composition, special effects and asset management.


Project description:

This Documentary offers an indepth analysis of Covid 19 vacccine acess in Arid and Semi Arid areas in kenya with a case study in Turkana and Samburu. In the Documentary I get indepth statistics of Covid 19 vaccine availability and supply to this areas, the hinderances and structures put in place by the goverment and respective counties to help adress this issue. 

Impact reached:

The project highlighted the reasons why there was low uptake of the vaccines in this regions and challenged the goverment officials to do more in this areas. Radio programmes as well as social media reachout was intensified

Techniques/technologies used:

I used Zoom in conducting the interviews, was ale to acess goverment records in regards to vaccination as well as interviewed doctors on ground to collaborate the information.

I used interview as a technique to get information and disserminate, also used our KBC’s archive in getting clips of vaccine arrivals etc

What was the hardest part of this project?

getting in person interviews during the hight of the pandemic, travelling to those areas for Brolls because of restrictions imposed by the government. Getting people to talk to the about the vaccine since it was at the height of the Pandemic

What can others learn from this project?

Data reporting and sharing puts information intocontext highlighting the impact or lack of in specific projects undertaken by the goverment and individuals. Covid 19 came with unprecidented challenges, misinformation etc. this project seeks to challenge institutions to do more in the prevention of Covid 19 Virus.

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